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Who am I??

One of the hardest question anyone could ever ask an individual. These three words at first may appear simple, however when you actually put pen to paper, you realise how mind boggling this question actually is.

Well…. My Name is Ammaar Rahim.

I am an 18-year-old boy whose main passion in life is to travel.

As a huge extrovert, travelling for me is all about visiting new places, meeting new people, embracing new cultures, eating new cuisines and most importantly developing myself  as a human being.

This blog will share with you my stories, my experiences and my reflections of my travels abroad. I hope it will also serve as a platform that will encourage other people to embrace travelling so they themselves can develop themselves.

Thank you for taking time out to view my blog. Please feel free to leave any feedback or get in touch with me with any queries.

Many Thanks

Ammaar Rahim