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Sunni – Shia Conversations in Jodhpur

This event happened a week ago, however due to time constaraints I have just been able to upload it. Its the reflections of mine and Akeels journey to a local mosque to observe the Prayers for the 21st night of Ramadhan. Just to put this in context the shia population is minuscule compared to the total Muslim population is 18% according to the 2001 Census.

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An Interesting Shopping experience in Jaipur

Today (Sunday the 4th of August) we visited Amber Fort, a huge Fort in Jaipur.  However today’s blog isn’t about the fort, it’s the story of what happened when we left the Fort. Enjoy 😉

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Indian Hospitality, Charisma and Money Loss in Jaisalmer

Arriving in Jaisalmer train station on Thursday we found ourselves mobbed with people asking us to come to their hotel.  The Indian hospitality (Sewa in Gujarati) left myself and Akeel discussing how amazing these people were. So little, and yet so rich in culture and traditions…