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A second home – My time in Sucre

I have travelled for three and a half months in South America. In these three and a half months, I have travelled through four countries and over 20 cities / towns.

However on reflection even though I have enjoyed living in nearly every one of those places, there is only one place that I can call my home, And that is the city of Sucre. Situated in the heart of Bolivia, it really is a city that I have fallen in love with, and a city that I yearn to go back to. They say home is where the heart is. Sucre really did feel like that. Besides, any city that has four names that it gets known by, surely has something special about it.Sucre is known by three other names: La Plata, Charcas or Ciudad Blanca.

So what has made me fall in love with this city? What has made me call this city my home? This blog will share with you three reasons why Sucre has become my second home.

1. My Friends

Whilst living in Sucre I was given the opportunity to meet people who since have become some of my best friends. Friends who I could truly be myself around and they wouldn’t judge. Friends who have become almost sibling like to me. Friends from all over the world, and friends who are not only gringos but Bolivians who worked in the cafe’s I visited. I really do think one of the main reasons I can call Sucre my home is because I was surrounded by such amazing people. For that I can never be thankful.

2. The City

Sucre is a beautiful colonial city. Filled with many white washed buildings, which shelter pretty patios and some of the most beautiful architecture that Bolivia has to offer. It also has some beautiful plazas where you can relax and let life pass by without too much worries. Not only is it a very beautiful city, but the climate is perfect. The high altitude gives this beautiful climate all year around. It is 2810 metres above sea level Never too cold that you have to wear a coat, Yet never too hot that you were sweating buckets. It had a perfect temperature which meant you could always relax in the sun but never get burnt. Interestingly, Sucre is twinned with Cardiff, Wales where I will be spending three years studying.

3.The Food

Never have I visited a city with such a wide array of food available. From cheap vegetarian Cafe’s to kebab houses to authentic Italian restaurants. In Sucre I tasted some of the cheapest yet most amazing food on this trip so far. Being a vegetarian in south america generally means I have to stick to potatoes and eggs. However not in Sucre, I could stuff myself on gourmet food and still be happy knowing it was completely vegetarian.

So their you have it, 3 reasons why I now call Sucre my home. To be honest the only thing it was really missing was the touch of family. However I don’t think it would take me long to convince them to pack up their things in Portsmouth and move 6000 miles to the beautiful colonial town of Sucre!


A view from Paradise – Photos from Copacabana

I have travelled for over 100 days now, through 5 different countries. However a few days ago I was able to witness one of the most beautiful views that I have ever seen in my life. This came when i visited the city of Copacabana. This beautiful city lies on the edge of Lake Titicaca, a huge lake based in Bolivia and Peru.

I have compiled a selection of my thirteen favourite photos of my time in this amazing city.


Reflections of my time in the Jungle

As a traveller when I completely immerse myself in a culture or a place I start to really appreciate aspects of life that I generally take for granted.

For over a week I immersed myself into living deep in the Bolivian jungle. Living in harsh conditions and working long days caring for animals who are in dire need of love and affection.

The camp that I was living in had no electricity, no good plumbing system, no hot water and was literally the muddiest and filthiest camp you would ever come across. I’m not gonna lie, this was one of the hardest experiences I have had on my travels. Not only is it physically tiring but its also mentally tiring.

The day of physical activities is a huge strain on my body. Waking up at 6:30 every morning and having to do physical chores and activities till 6pm every evening is no easy task. I thought working in Fareham Pharmacy was a task. This was worst. (Though we did have two hours for lunch). :p

However the reason why I was there was to care for animals who really needed your 100% attention. At the start I was looking after two beautiful pumas, Wara and Yassi. After a few days I moved to helping out with the monkeys. There were 3 beuatiful young monkeys by the name of Sabrina, Gordo and Lewis.

Now orginally I was meant to be staying at the camp for a good month. However after a week, I decided to leave. And this was why…..

When you spend over 6000 pounds on a 7 month life experience. You have to make sure you enjoy every single moment of your time on that expereince. I was simply not enjoying it enough to warrant spending an extra 3 weeks in the camp. Yes if I had an unlimited travel time then maybe I would have thought different. But I knew that those 3 weeks could be better spent elsewhere. And that is why I decided to leave.

The time in the jungle cost me approximately 200 Pounds, Of that 180 pounds by leaving early I probably wasted 90 pounds. I originally thought that this was a huge mistake, however I was told the following which made me stop and think –

“A mistake is an event where the full benefit of which has not yet been turned into your advanatge”

After all money will come and go however being an 18 year old traveller in South America is a once in a life time experience.