All good things come to an end…..

I am writing this final blog as I sit in the departure lounge at Pearson International Airport in Toronto. Interestingly my first one was at Heathrow and here I am exactly 207 days later writing my final blog before I reach home…..

Home now has a different meaning to me. I have made connections with people in various parts of North and South America and with each I have a connection to home. Strangers became acquaintances that soon turned into friends. Friendship to me now has a different meaning. I have seen the generosity of human spirit and kindness where travellers share what they have. The local people, whether they live in Valparaiso or in Toronto, all shared their humanity. Whilst there are always exceptions to this, these are exceptions and not the rules.

I know the kid sitting at Heathrow airport on 30th January 2014 is not the same young man sitting here at this moment in time. There was some level of naivety then and perhaps a little bit of maturity now. Some lessons I have shared on this blog, others I have not because they are personal. It is clear that every lesson I learnt, could not have been taught to me unless I had travelled.

As I write this last blog, I would like to thank you my readers, for taking your valuable time to read my blogs. You have inspired me and encouraged me to write. I never thought that I would have over 17000 people reading the things I write. Do remember I got a C in English Literature so I know you did not come to read “Wuthering Heights”!!

Your comments encouraged me to be more bold and more daring. Each blog was about an experience which has shaped my thinking.

Finally I would like to thank all the people who opened their hearts and their homes to me. From the Favelas of Rio, to the leafy suburbs of Vancouver, people have given me their most valuable asset: their time. To each I say a personal thank you. You know who you are and the difference you have made to me.

So where next: There are many options and I would like you, my readers, to share your thoughts. How about that… you have read what I wrote and now let me read what you write…. place your comments in the comments box telling me where I should travel to next. The website will automatically include your comments so there will be no editorial privileges.

Until then, this isn’t goodbye, just au revoir, until we meet again…..


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  1. Dearest Ammaar

    How about the next travel be from Portsmouth to Cardiff

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