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Dune Bashing, Camel Riding and Religion


10:30pm (local time)

My final day in Dubai and it has definitely been an experience for me. Seeing both the old and new Dubai was a great experience.

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‘Old Dubai ‘- A unique experience


1:50am (local time)

I’m coming towards the end of my stay in Dubai, and it has been a unique experience. The City is unique. The architecture is awesome and finally the atmosphere is very different. Coming from Portsmouth its something I don’t usually experience but it has been an experience and a half.

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Dubai (part 1)


23:38 (Local time)

Today was my first full day in Dubai and what hit me the most was the extreme heat of the city. Everyone had warned me about the heat and humidity, but like any teenager I hardly believed them 😉 LOL.

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Leaving England- The Start of my Journey Home



I’m writing this sat in the Gatwick North Terminal departure lounge. However due to lack of Wifi I won’t be able to post this till I reach Dubai.

This first blog post marks the start of my trip, and I can’t believe that all the planning has finally come to an end and I will now be embarking on this journey of a lifetime.

I was asked a few days ago about my thoughts about this journey. And the one thing I said is that this is my very own ‘Journey Home’. For those of you who don’t know my ancestors came from the country of India and this journey will link my ancestors past, my parents present and my future together.

There’s a few people I want to thank who have prepared me for this journey (sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone lol)

Firstly my dad Yasin, my mum Waheeda and my Sister Maryam for their unconditional support in planning hopefully the first of many trips around the world.

Secondly to my Uncle Abbas, My Aunt Aminaaz and my cousins Taha and Zainab for helping me plan this trip.

Thirdly to my Uncle Mahmood and Aunt Fatim for their advice on how to handle India.

Fourthly to my Grandad Noorali, My Grandma Gulzar and my Uncle Rasool for their love

Next to the people who I discussed the trip with and who gave me their own small pieces of advice and help that will definitely be of use. My brother Shaiq, Rubaina Bai, Arifa Masi, Rashid Masa, Akeel, Zulie Bha and Shabu Bai

Finally to some of my best friends…. Will O, Will L, Matt, Rhia, Jenni and Holly…..You have all in your own way added to my trip


P.S. Some of the Khoja readers may wonder why I haven’t used kutchi words like ‘Nanabapa or Nanima’. This blog will be read by Muslims and Non-Muslims alike so to ensure everyone can read it I have kept the language plain and simple 😉